October 09, 2016

False Heads: All Eyes

London garage punk rock trio False Heads embrace the quiet-loud-quiet approach of the Pixies on All Eyes, their best sounding release so far. The dynamics are crisp and the vocals aren't buried in the mix. Why the band themselves considered it as a the B-side for their latest single Weigh In is rather odd. That should have been the other way round.

False Heads:
Luke Griffiths: vocals, guitar
Barney Nash: drums
Jake Elliott: bass

All Eyes is released thru 25 Hour Convenience Store. Release date: October 7th.

Live dates:
  • 10/14 Leeds @ Verve Bar
  • 10/15 Manchester @ Star and Garter
  • 11/05 London @ Water Rats
  • 11/12 eicester @ TBA (This Feeling presents)
  • 11/26 Leeds @ Kapooza Festival

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HCTF review of Weigh In.

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