October 07, 2016

Elizabeth Geyer: The Bridge

Australian jazz musician and songwriter Elizabeth Geyer started out as an in-demand freelance trumpet and flugel horn player, before deciding to try her hand at being a solo artist. Lucky for her that she has an amazing voice and she is above-the-cut piano player. She debuted in 2000 with an album with jazz standards. Her latest album The Bridge comes close to the mainstream story telling, but the music isn't that smooth. Percussionist Paul Adams kept her on edge throughout the recording process.

Stand-out track Home is liek a peek into her diary about meeting a nice guy, which is nice, a bit scary and totally right in the end ("You don’t like jazz and I don’t like rock and roll // Just a fool with a flugelhorn"). As for the title track, Bill Lundvall (founder of The Sons and member of Chicago) was quite right, when he declared "If it was me I'd make it a law that everyone on the earth should hear that song. Absolutely beautiful".

She is singer walking on the cracks of the pavement. At fist she seems to make accessible and pleasing to ears music, but she is quite sophisticated and challenging for those who are willing to listen more closely.

The Bridge is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. The Bridge
  2. Waterfalls and Rainbows
  3. Goodnight Romeo
  4. Home
  5. Perfect Life
  6. Rain Falls
  7. The Party
  8. The Jewel
  9. I Weep
  10. Postcards From Paradise
  11. The Wall
  12. Place To Fly
  13. Rose

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