September 17, 2016

Zap Mcinnes: The ballad of Leroy + The Pants of Zorro, new ZAPPATiKA members

Zap Mcinnes has posted two more songs from his "Zap Mcinnes & Friends" show @ Vrijplaats in Leiden, The Netherlands on August 20: The ballad of Leroy (w/ Maarten van Zeijl,Hieronymus Dam, Emanuela Panisberghi and Emile Chill) and The Pants of Zorro (w/ Maarten van Zeijl and Hieronymus van Dam).

Emile Chill is on board as the new guitar player for his band ZAPPATiKA and Osman Meyredi joined as the new guy playing keyboards.

Jeff Hollie (USA): saxophone & vocals
Zap Mcinnes (UK): guitar & vocals
Hieronymus van Dam (NL): synth, vocals, percussion, keys
Diego Mocci (ITA): drums
Joep Oosterbaan (NL: bass
Emile Chill (USA): guitar & vocals
Osman Meyredi (ITA): keyboards & vocals

The new line-up will hit the road in November.

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» ZAPPATiKA on Facebook

HCTF review of Welcome to the Starlight Lounge (Ike Willis & ZAPPATiKA featuring Jeff Hollie & Craig Twister Steward).

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