September 02, 2016

XAD: A Distorted World History

Grunge rockers XAD (eXtreme Attention Disorder) have trouble staying in tune - the vocals are an acquired taste - but their fierce DIY approach has its charms. Their new EP A Distorted World History aims high, gets off the ground, and goes down in flames.

The Swedish-Dutch band who have made Haarlem their homebase, a city that is mostly associated with clean cut people with a near perfect command of the Dutch language, but, if you look more closely, also a safe haven for a lively underground scene. XAD in its various lineups is one of the loudest voices. They sound dirty and don't care if you like them, because somebody else will.

Ted Egger: vocals, guitar
Klaus Mertens: drums
Alessandro Prenci: bass

A Distorted World History is a self-released EP. Release date: September 12.


  1. You Believe (A Distorted World History)
  2. Enoch
  3. Firedragon
  4. Spaceship
  5. Spanish Fly

Live date:
  • 09/08 Haarlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat (w/ The Soap Girsl)
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