September 13, 2016

Sunshine & The Blue Moon: Welcome To The Future

The California folk rock sound travelled West and found a home in Toronto. Quintet Sunshine & The Blue Moon's new album Welcome To The Future is filled with twangy, slow moving songs about love, loneliness, cowboys and heartbreak. It's tempting to pigeonhole them as a neo-hippie band, but by inserting a bit of prog and garage rock in their melodies their vintage inklings are spiced up with a few extra layers that require a couple of undisturbed run-throughs to fully dissect.

Stand-out tracks are the melancholic Buffalo Child and the pair of "Lucy" songs, with Sunshine & Lucy describing the start of a relationship and Lucy showing the first cracks and doubts. Recommended if you like Love, The Modern Lovers and The Byrds.

Welcome To The Future is released thru The Hand Recordings (CD, vinyl). Release date: September 16th.

  1. Never Looking Back
  2. Welcome To The Future
  3. Sunshine & Lucy
  4. Depression
  5. Lucy
  6. Buffalo Child
  7. Cowboy
  8. Tear Me Up
  9. Anything But Sweet

Live dates:
  • 09/16 Toronto, CA @ Silver Dollar
  • 09/16 Halifax, CA @ Gus' Pub


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