September 10, 2016

Subterranean Street Society: I’ll Leave Me Before You Do

Buskers as a breed tend to bore uncaring passers-by with god awful renditions of Wish You Were Here, House of the Rising Sun or even the godawful Hotel California. Amsterdam based Danish singer-songwriter Louis Puggaard-Müller, who goes by the stage name Subterranean Street Society, is one those rare street musicians playing his own originals. On his new album I’ll Leave Me Before You Do ten of his songs get the full treatment.

I’ll Leave Me Before You Do isn't a concept album as such, but love is the recurrent theme through all of his songs, more specifically relationships that are turning sour. His girlfriend keeps walking out on him. Bittersweet memories are conjured up in B-Sides, no matter that he urged her to Stay beforehand. He can get loud and angry as well, banging the shit out of a resonator guitar during Pretty Baby.

Puggaard-Müller is a superb lyricist, who can add something new to real life happenings that have been caught in song millions of time. When you run into him playing guitar in the streets of Amsterdam or any other major city in Europe, picture him as performing with a full band, because that it is what his particular brand of orchestral pop needs to be fully appreciated. Recommended if you like The Foreign Films.

I'll Leave Me Before You Do is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Release date: September 16st through all the usual digital outlets. Handmade personalized CD's are available from his website.

  1. I’ll Let You Go If You Don't Leave
  2. Hurry
  3. Stay
  4. Rover
  5. Nothing Beats A Lover
  6. B-Sides
  7. Present We Past
  8. I Won't Get Married To Nothing But Silence
  9. Pretty Baby
  10. I’ll Leave Me Before You Do

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