September 25, 2016

Mount Peru: Good Morning Midnight

Somerville sextet Mount Peru have a soft spot for rock, alt-country and psychedelic blues. Their second full-length Good Morning Midnight touches base with The Walkabouts, Fleetwood Mac and The Flying Burrito Brothers. This is a band that is capable to bring the excitement of a live show to the studio, not trying to fix the natural bleeding of instruments in the room, but embracing it a welcome guest.

High energy rockers like Hype Man and You're Like Lightning Striking Twice sit comfortably next to mellower tunes such as Just Like Gypsy Lee and Tin Foil Sunset. The latter is a 101 example of their love for shared lead vocals, an art that Thom Valicenti and Mary Flatley have mastered over the years. The dissonants and feedback of Apologetic Poltergeist might get them on college radio, while the opening bars of Black As Hell and White as a Ghost will sound familiar to Beatles fans.

The essential ingredient for their music is Curtis Wyant, whose fluid guitar lines and pedal steel skills add colour and textures to all of the tracks. Mount Peru is a peak in the Americana landscape. Make the climb and enjoy the view.

Mount Peru:
Thom Valicenti: vocals, guitars
Mary Flatley: vocals, percussion
Curtis Wyant: guitar, pedal steel
Matt Bowker: trumpet, keys
Alan Durell: bass, vocals
Tim Nylander: drums

Good Morning Midnight is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Day Dreamer
  2. Harbor Lights
  3. Tin Foil Sunset
  4. Done
  5. Just Like Gypsy Lee
  6. Hype Man
  7. Apologetic Poltergeist
  8. You're Like Lightning Striking Twice
  9. Don't Go Down to the Lake Tonight
  10. No More Magic
  11. Some Nights Hit Too Hard
  12. Black As Hell and White as a Ghost
  13. Good Morning Midnight

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