September 04, 2016

David Bowie: "Fifty-Two Years: The Complete Singles"

Every single David Bowie released throughout his career has been rounded up for an unauthorized 12CD set, compiled by a guy who goes by the alias Blank Frank. Collector's site Willard's Wormholes:

Not long after David Bowie passed, our pal Blank Frank proposed this Complete Singles project… then spent the next two months turning the idea into an incredibly overwhelming reality. What you have here is 209 tracks, almost two gigs of material, with embedded 45 cover art, that chronologically documents all of David Bowie’s singles output during his fifty-two year career.

From the liner notes:

Fifty-Two Years: The Complete Singles includes both sides of every single – all in their original mixes/edits – that David Bowie released in his five decade long career. As the music industry moved away from 7″ 45s in the ’90s and ’00s, and toward CD/EPs, 12″ dance mixes and downloads, every effort was made here to keep with the original singles concept. So some of these other formats are included if there were unique versions, and it appeared that The Thin White Duke had intended it to be a stand alone release (or to promote a new album). Each of his forays into different genres/personas are fully documented here, with artwork. These 12 volumes are arranged chronologically, but are also designed to highlight different periods in his career. I invite you to explore all of them, especially those that might not be familiar with his body of work.


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