September 30, 2016

Carey Ott: Nocona

Singet-songwriter Carey Ott did quite a bit of traveling before coming to terms with his hometown Ottawa, IL. It might explain the focus on writing songs about trying to stay put in one place down after a wild ride. As an alt-country artist he sings about things that are close to his heart: drinking lots of beer (Til the Well Runs Dry), getting fucked over by life but laughing about it Cosmic Joke) and trying the win the heart of his woman of choice - he claims that he knows her quite well in (I Already Know) What's on Your Mind, but self-doubt keeps bugging him.

The album's title was inspired by the faith of the Comanches in the small town Nocona, TX. With lyrics written by fellow musician Ryan Culwell. It means "The Wanderer" and fitted the mood of the album like a glove. Ott is looking for a place to stay, but he is not fully committed to settling down in Nashville, his current place of residence, just yet. The road beckons and odds are that he won't be able to resist her call.

Nocona is released thru United We Jam.

  1. Nocona (Hanging on a Limb)
  2. Til the Well Runs Dry
  3. Through the Waves
  4. Cosmic Joke
  5. Speed of Love
  6. (I Already Know) What's on Your Mind
  7. Look at Me
  8. Favorite Song
  9. Flash Fires
  10. We Are a Circle


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