August 05, 2016

So Cow: Lisa Marie Airplane Tour

Irish musician Brian Kelly single–handedly played all the instruments on his new So Cow album Lisa Marie Airplane Tour. All the bum notes and mistakes are his, but that don't matter since he has a knack for coming up with off-kilter pop songs, that sound like a mix of the Buzzcocks, Half Japanese, and Jonathan Richman.

Kelly tells stories of the night, expecting that something good might happen only to be disappointed yet again. While most people might get mad or depressed because of this, he puts it to good use and it turns into a song with more in instantly hummable hook. The frenetic Wait It Out might even provoke some slam dancing. Kelly's melancholy combined with a sharp-witted sense of humour makes this album an essential purchase for fans of DIY lo-fi indie pop.

Lisa Marie Airplane Tour is released thru Jigsaw Reccrds (CD, digital). Vinyl (500 copies) in conjunction with Tall Pat Records. Release date: September 16th.

  1. What Makes A Man Start Gorse Fires
  2. Asleep On A Bus
  3. Captain Of Industry
  4. Westerly Direction
  5. Disengagement
  6. At Home
  7. Something More
  8. No Trades
  9. Batman, Tonight
  10. The Invigilator
  11. Wait It Out
  12. Half Past

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