August 18, 2016

Sansyou: The Glistening One

photo: Kevin Kerr

Sansyou, an instrumental prog-shoegaze surf guitar trio from Washington, build intricate double lead guitar compositions on their debut album The Glistening One. It's an exploration of dreamy dexterity with the drummer acting as a third front man. It's a precarious proposition to have three men acting as the main force, but they have found a middle ground to keep the music from falling apart. Lead single Let It Expand does what it says on the tin, stacking layers upon layers of guitar and call-and-response percussion to create a greater whole.

When done right instrumental music can create full-fledged stories without using actual words. The airy Level Flight takes listeners on a plane trip and the brooding Rise of a Fall speaks of impending doom. Title track The Glistening One is a 101 in modern post-rock by way of King Crimson and Can. Sansyou put subtlety above all else. They have made an album that flows like one long composition. Too bad it's all over after 35 minutes.

Matt Mcgarraghy: guitars
David Nicholas: guitars
Davis White: drums

The Glistening One is released thru Mooin Sounds Records (CD, cassette, digital). Release date: August 26.

  1. My Figurine
  2. Let It Expand
  3. Subtle Energies
  4. Docking Fish
  5. Level Flight
  6. Rise of a Fall
  7. The Glistening One
  8. Field of View


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