August 02, 2016

Dogbrain: Blue Dog

Jay Ward has seen some big names in his Dogbrain studio near Edgar Allen Poe's rock in NYC and before long he became a recording artist himself. He is quite fond of dogs, so it made sense that he already released two albums with tunes that are catering to the canine niche. Now the time is right again to set his alter ego Dogbrain free in the human world. Playing his beloved National Estralita guitar his new Blue Dog EP is throwback to days of bluesy travel songs (with trains as his preferred means of transport), and inmates wearing chains doing hard labour in the fields.

Blue Dog sounds timeless and totally at ease. Ward can relax when he sings, putting his grizzled voice to good use. In every day life he has to cope with a stutter - profits from the EP will be donated to SAY (The Stuttering Association for the Young).

Blue Dog is a self-released EP. Buy it from CDBaby.

  1. Great Wide
  2. Boom Chains
  3. Edge of a Dream
  4. Chain Gang
  5. Stronger
  6. Orphan (Live)


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