July 03, 2016

Organised Scum: "Insane Making Behaviour" b/w "Who's The Prick?"

Organised Scum is rather punkish name for a duo peddling melodic Britpop. Tom Duggins and Sean Canty bumped into each other at Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University, quickly found out that their musical tastes were pretty similar and recorded a few demos that found their way to John Martindale (bass player with The Shields). Recognising their potential he offered to fix the mixes and now Insane Making Behaviour b/w Who's The Prick?, a double A-side single has seen the light of day.

Moving at a leisurely pace Insane Making Behaviour sounds like Blur ca 1992, while Who's The Prick? is a blend of XTC and The Replacements. It's all done in very good taste, but it lacks a spark. Send these guys some albums by The Libertines and The Kinks, and they will have some pointers on how to spice things up a bit.

Insane Making Behaviour b/w Who's The Prick? is released thru Kaleidoscope. Free download from Soundcloud.

Live dates:
  • 08/12 London, UK @ The Water Rats
  • 09/09 Camden, UK @ The Dublin Castle

» organisedscum.co.uk

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