June 07, 2016

Zapoppin': St Kreun - Songs of Land and Waterways

BEST OF 2016

Freak folk punk powertrio Zapoppin' tell tales from an imaginary village on their new album St Kreun - Songs of Land and Waterways. Quite opposite of gentle pick nick music - they are more likely to crash your party, drink your liquor and devour away your choice tidbits within the blink of an eye.

Dissonants galore, singing out of tune, random vocal outbursts, it's all there and more. There is method in their madness though. It requires quite a bit of skill to play this kind of tight, atonal ugly music. If you ever wondered what a mix of The Clash, The Pogues, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Dowd would sound like, the answer is Zapoppin', the weirdest act roaming the streets of Falmouth, Cornwall. Dust off your pogo kills and dance the night away.

Tom Sharpe: banjo, vocals
Luke Richards: harmonium, vocals
Matt Collington: drums, vocals

St Kreun - Songs of Land and Waterways is released via Damnosic. Buy it (CD, digital) from the band's website. The Last Record Shop has it on vinyl.

  1. Belnot Phist's Hanging Jig
  2. 'Dam
  3. Hate So Hard
  4. Playin' The Fool
  5. Gettin' Cultish
  6. Conveyor Belt Of Love
  7. Handfast
  8. 'Duct
  9. Stuckist's Luck
  10. Hey Girl, Let's Meme
  11. Kreun Murmurings
  12. Poignant Mo-fo

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