June 01, 2016

Suzuki Junzo: Shark-Infested Custard

Japanese noise/drone guitarist Suzuki Junzo likes to take it slow. On his new album Shark-Infested Custard he weaves intricate soundscapes, taking blues riffs to the outer limits. The side-length G-E.M.J | G-E.M.J is a blend of layered guitars - don't be suproesed if the fingerpicking acoustic loop is almost drowned out by by a wailing heavy prog metal electric axe.

Junzo is an eclectic experimentalist, whose subtle flourishes are like flowers defying his wall sound. It almost comes as a surprise when he starts singing in Skins of Silver Spoon, an interlude of sorts before he goes all out again on the final track, the Shark-Infested Custard (to Henry V.), a study in chugging distortion. At last a solution to the problem of what to play after hearing the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray.

Recommended if you like Can, Loudness, Swans and controlled feedback.

Suzuki Junzo: electric guitars, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, e-bow, bells, gongs, vocals
Lonesome Death Dick: harmonium (track 2), bass (track 1, 3)
Takahashi Ikuro: drums (track 1, 3)

Shark-Infested Custard is a self-released album. Buy it (digital, CD, vinyl) from his website.

  1. G-E.M.J | G-E.M.J
  2. Skins of Silver Spoon
  3. Shark-Infested Custard (to Henry V.)

Live dates:
  • 06/04 Frankfurt, Germany @ Phonophon
  • 06/05 Offenbach, Germany @ Waggon
  • 06/07 Monchengladbach, Germany @ Oberstadt
  • 06/08 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ OCCII (w/ Wolf Eyes)
  • 06/09 Dordrecht, The Netherlands @ Centrum voor Labiele Media
  • 06/10 Brussels, Belgium @ Hectoriter
  • 06/11 Antwerpen, Belgium @ Cosmopolite
  • 06/13 Dusseldorf, Germany @ Brause
  • 06/15 Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar
  • 06/16 London, UK @ Corsica Studios
  • 06/17 Hebden Bridge, UK @ Nutclough Tavern (w/ Jumble Hole Clough)
  • 06/18 Manchester, UK @ TBA
  • 06/20 Newcatsle, UK @ Bar Loco
  • 06/23 Glasgow, UK @ Nice n Sleazy
  • 06/24 Paris, France @ Cafe Cascades
  • 06/25 Rennes, France @ Tappet Fest

» suzukijunzo.org

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