June 14, 2016

Strysles: Tic Tac

Luxembourg quintet Strysles have followed the rule book for mainstream rock closely on their debut EP Tic Tac: a lead singer with an impressive range, two guitarists trading licks, a fluid bass player and a drummer laying down a rock solid foundation. Anthems are their favorites, but the stand-out track is the jazz-tinged I'm High , an adventurous composition evolving into a catchy power ballad. This is the kind song that will be a live favourite for years to come.

With band members who worked their asses off in various covers bands, they can handle varous styles at the drop of hat. However, coming up with your own stuff is a different story. Blueprints of their musical heroes need to be replaced by notebooks to write down their own ideas. The talent is there - all they need is a leap of faith to find their own sound.

Elena Kramdi-Drvosanova: vocals
David Lemmer: guitars
Dan Mangiulli: guitars
Sacha Heck: bass
Benedikt Kehl: drums

Tic Tac is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Get It Done
  2. Take Me To Your World
  3. I'm High
  4. Tic Tac

Live dates:
  • 06/17 Esch/Alzette @ Fête de la Musique
  • 06/18 Dudelange @ Fête de la Musique
  • 07/15 Dudelange @ Café Why Not

» strysles.lu

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