May 24, 2016

Susanna: Triangle

photo: Anne Valeur

People claiming to have found a higher truth tend be overbearing when trying to convert their friends and relatives. Norwegain singer Susamna isn't an exception to that rule of thumb. Her new album Triangle is filled with 22 short tracks about her "revelation" she experienced during in a plane ride. The music itself isn't that bad - a blend of electronics with a bit of jazz. The lyrics, however, are cringe-worthy: "I am Born again//I am Born again//I am Born again//I am Born again//Again and again and again".

Susanna loves repeating things ad nauseam. This verbal variant of counting sheep is a cure for insomnia for sure. It will probably sell loads of copies through New Age-y shops catering to spiritual searchers, who are convinced that there is something or someone up there messing with their lives.

Triangle is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. Holy / Sacred
  2. We Don’t Belong
  3. Texture Within
  4. Fear And Terror
  5. Before The Alter
  6. Hole
  7. Shepherd
  8. Under Water
  9. This / Phenomena
  10. For My Sins
  11. Burning Sea
  12. In The Need Of A Shepherd
  13. Born Again
  14. Triangle
  15. Pyramid
  16. Ebb And Flow
  17. Decomposing
  18. The Fire
  19. Sacred Revolution
  20. Purple
  21. Death Hanging
  22. In My Blood


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