May 27, 2016

Queen Of The Meadow: Aligned With Juniper

BEST OF 2016

French folk singer Helen Furguson started to play guitar at the age of 27. The instrument was a birthday present and it soon became clear that was she was a natural. Her teacher (now partner) Julien Pras taught her the basics and she started writing her own material. The songs turned into a project and they named themselves Queen Of The Meadow. The debut album Aligned With Juniper could have been released during the UK Seventies folk boom, with hints of psychedelic, pastoral pop.

Ferguson looked at her immediate surroundings and personal life for her lyrics. She writes about shattered dreams, nightmares and lucky breaks. The keyword is intimacy. She proofs that facing her inner demons can be turned into songs that are both soothing and confident. Aligned With Juniper is like an unlocked diary, for all to see and hear. Recommended if you like Sandy Denny.

Queen Of The Meadow:
Helen Furguson: vocals, guitar, piano, metallophone, percussion
Julien Pras: bass, drums, percussion, guitar, banjo drums, backing vocals

Aligned With Juniper is released on Tiny Room Records (CD, digital). Release date: June 10th.

  1. Caleb
  2. The Bride
  3. The Portrait
  4. At Jack & Danielle's
  5. Rainy Tuesday
  6. Evil Queen
  7. A Friendly Host
  8. Old Captain
  9. In A Nutshell
  10. Milkshore Park

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