May 20, 2016

Blue Jeans: Songs Are Easy

Slacker surf garage rock outfit Blue Jeans are basically a duo who can rely on their friends to help out with their music on stage and in the studio. Tim Sendra and Heather Phares used to be known as Santa Monica Swim and Dive Club (don't ask) and decided that a simpler band name would be a good idea. Their debut album Songs Are Easy is filled to the rafters with musical references to the B52's, Jan & Dean, the Modern Lovers, T-Rex, the Pixies and Buddy Holly.

Songs Are Easy is a collection of quirky but accessible pop weirdness about recognizable problems (girls, boys, sunscreen, skating). No need to worry about any of that when you are cruising with the top down and playing this blast from the past at top volume. Weezer and Ween fans will love them.

Blue Jeans:
Tim Sendra: vocals and guitar
Heather Phares: vocals and bass
David Serra: drums
Justin Dykehouse: synths
Fred Thomas: guitar, synths, organ, vocals, drums, percussion

Songs Are Easy is released thru Jigsaw Records.

  1. Kara Keeley
  2. Ratz Revenge
  3. Make up II Make Up
  4. False Start
  5. Clean Break
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Forget That Guy
  8. Do You Wanna?
  9. Summer's Almost Gone
  10. I Hit the Board

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