April 08, 2016

Jeff Runnings: Primitives And Smalls

Dreampop veteran Jeff Runnings, leader of For Against, finally took the plunge and made a solo album. Primitives And Smalls is a carefully balanced record, with synths taking center stage. Runnings knows what works in his genre: vocals almost down to a whisper, unobtrusive but essential drums, and echo. Lots of echo.

Primitives And Smalls is drenched in melancholy, but it's not a tearjerker. "The future is not as bleak as some might say", he assures the listener in Outside Oslo. He is an outsider who will never make it big, but is content with being a musician's musician.

Thanks to Jeff Runnings UK synthpop is alive in well Omaha, Nebraska. Best experienced with headphones to fully appreciate the panning of the synths. Recommended if you like the Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance.

Primitives And Smalls is released on Saint Marie Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: May 6th.

  1. Maze
  2. F for Emphasis
  3. Dim Like Dust
  4. Aperitif
  5. Premium
  6. Outside Oslo
  7. Trifecta
  8. Miss Magic Market
  9. Travelogue
  10. My Cheerleader

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