April 11, 2016

James Edge and the Mindstep: On A Red Horse

London folk jazz trio James Edge and the Mindstep are musical explorers. The title track of their new On A Red Horse captured their out-of-the-box approach and there is plenty more to indulge in now that the full EP is here. Kicking off with the gentle Jacob in which singer James Edge hits the high notes on top of intricate string arrangement the tone is set for a leisurely trip through the back roads of folk music. Whether they go upbeat and come close to vaudeville in Where We’re Going To or put themselves in the confines of A Room that isn't safe, these musicians always find a way to bring it home in one piece.

James Edge and the Mindstep let their instruments do the talking. Through improvising and listening to one another they found new ways to tackle old school music and transporting it to the 21st Century. These distinguished musicians plus their close friends - who happen to be a string quartet - have assembled half a dozen tracks containing more ideas than most full-lengths in their niche.

James Edge and the Mindstep:
James Edge: vocals, acoustic guitar
Avvon Chambers: drums
Andy Waterworth: double bass
String quartet: Ali Dods (violin), Howard Gott (violin), Sophie Sirota (viola), Vicky Matthews (cello)

On A Red Horse is released on Folkstock Records. Release date: April 15th.

  1. Jacob
  2. On A Red Horse
  3. Closed
  4. Where We’re Going To
  5. A Room
  6. Becoming

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