March 28, 2016

James Edge and the Mindstep: On A Red Horse

London trio James Edge and the Mindstep are adamant to prove that folk as a genre is still very much alive and not just an art form appreciated by men wearing cardigans and women wearing sensible shoes claiming right of way. Their latest single On A Red Horse, the title track of their forthcoming new EP, is a fine blend of Elbow and OK Computer-era Radiohead.

Singer and guitarist James Edge wrote the arrangements for the string quartet, adding a whimsical and eccentric layer to the free flowing main melody of the song. With nods to jazz and Britpop hardcore folkies might come close to shouting "Judas". Recommended if you like Eric Margan & The Red Lions, Bert Jansch and Nick Drake.

James Edge and the Mindstep:
James Edge: occals, acoustic guitar
Avvon Chambers: drums
Andy Waterworth: double bass
String quartet: Ali Dods (violin), Howard Gott (violin), Sophie Sirota (viola), Vicky Matthews (cello)

On A Red Horse is released on Folkstock Records. Release date: April 15th.

Animator Ross Butter made the accompanying video, a lengthy process that involved hand drawing a couple of frames each day. It took him nearly a year to finish it.


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