March 24, 2016

Bloody Knives: I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Austin band Bloody Knives are into gritty industrial noise-rock with forays into drones, ambient, electronics and shoegaze. This latest album I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This is a sonic assault, a search-and-destroy raid that comes howling from the speakers, telling dark tales of doom and death. They don't pause fro breath between tracks, but keep adding motifs and textures, building a towering wall of sound.

They offer a ride to the back alleys, where bad things are bound to happen. It's a journey that will be too weird and downright scary for most - and they may scratch their heads at tune called ----. For those who wondered what a mix of the Sisters of Mercy and Sonic Youth would sound like, the answer is: the Bloody Knives. Handle with care.

Bloody Knives:
Preston Maddox:: vocals, bass, keys
Jake McCown: drums, samples
Jack o'Hara Harris: guitar
Martin McCreadie: synths
Ritch Napierkowski: synths
Jim Moon: keys, FX

I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This is released on Saint Marie Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: April 15th.

  1. Cystic
  2. Blood Turns Cold
  3. Reflection Lies
  4. Black Hole
  5. Static
  6. ----
  7. Poison Halo
  8. Buried Alive

Live dates:
  • 03/31 Austin, TX @ Beerland, Texas
    (w/ Golden Graves, Grivo and Jimmy Legs)
  • 04/04 West Hollywood, CA The Viper Room
  • 04/08 Portland, OR @ High Water Mark Lounge
    (w/ We Are Like The Spider, Peridot, Airport)
  • 04/09 Seattle, WA @ Highline

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