February 13, 2016

Luminize: All or Nothing

All-girl group Luminize got together in Croatia before coming to Holland, hoping to make it big as a rock band. They were guests on a wealth of radio shows and appeared at numerous festivals earning them some nice reviews as a rather good live band. Their debut album All or Nothing ia a mixed bag of power pop songs (Get It Back, Kill It With Love, Guess Who's Wrong) and hard rock (Fuck You), with the latter genre as the clear winner in terms of performance. Men and boys are of the receiving end of their wrath pretty much all of the time.

The production is a bit too clean as a whole and the vocals could do with less meddling, but as mainstreams albums go All or Nothing gets the benefit of the doubt. They need more mileage to be able to tell the folks behind the mixing desk what they want to sound like - and not the other way around.

Marcela Oroši: vocals & guitar
Matilda Oroši: guitar
Tea Miškovic: bass
Irena Rogovic: drums

All Or Nothing is released thru Stargate Music. Release date: February 19th.

  1. Done With You
  2. Get It Back
  3. All or Nothing
  4. Guess Who's Wrong
  5. Love Takes No Prisoners
  6. Kill It With Love
  7. Goo Goo
  8. Fuck You
  9. Damn It
  10. Chemical Love
  11. The Other Side

Live dates:
  • 02/16 Amsterdam @ Sugarfactory (album release party)
  • 02/20 Weert @ De Bosuil
  • 02/26 Middelburg @ Bar American
  • 02/27 Culemborg @ Poppodium Culemborg
  • 02/29 Zoetermeer @ De Boerderij (free show)
  • 03/04 The Hague @ Paardcafé
  • 03/19 Capelle Aan Den Ijssel @ Capsloc
  • 05/28 Wateringen @ Nederland 3

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