February 06, 2016

Emporium: The Electric Emporium

BEST OF 2016

Scotland's finest psychedelic pop outfit Emporium aren't exactly prolific, but each track on the new album The Electric Emporium is a winner. The sole constant of the project is Ewan McKenzie, who writes most of their stuff, plays a wealth of instruments and whose passive-agressive vocals are mixed upfront.

McKenzie's lyrics deal with evasive women. He is the guy in the corner who never gets around to actually speaking to the girl he secretly admires. However, turning it into song isn't a problem. He is a painter, adding layers to create a picture where technicolor and darkness are taking turns at getting the upper hand. Neither of them can ever claim a decisive victory and that's a good thing. The inherent tension is a sure fire guarantee for undivided attention from the listener.

The Electric Emporium is released on Whimsical Records. Buy it from iTunes.

  1. The Uninvited
  2. Gloomy Shadows
  3. Teresa
  4. Strange Daze
  5. Zebra Crossing
  6. Angel And The Dark One
  7. An Appointment

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