February 09, 2016

Chicago Blues: A Living History launches Kickstarter Campaign for third album "Alive and Kicking…"

Chicago Blues: A Living History, a project dedicated to the preservation and continuation of that seminal musical tradition, have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for the recording and distribution of their third 2CD set, Alive and Kicking….

The core band Felton Crews, Billy Flynn, Johnny Iguana, Matthew Skoller and Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith will be joined by host of guests, with Larry Skoller once again acting as producer:

The songs, sound, myths and masters of Chicago Blues have had an incalculable influence on American society and the world. Chicago Blues has consistently proven its importance in that it has provided the foundation for much of the music we listen to today, including Rock’n Roll, Pop, even Hip Hop and Rap. Driven by the immense pride they take in Chicago Blues, the supergroup CHICAGO BLUES: A LIVING HISTORY is dedicated to keeping this musical genre alive by honoring the past, celebrating the present and guaranteeing the future of one of America’s most influential art forms.

CHICAGO BLUES: A LIVING HISTORY unites two generations of Chicago Blues' greatest living artists that include this genre's pioneers as well as musicians who have been directly mentored by the originators of this tradition—the legendary Billy Boy Arnold, John Primer, Billy Branch, Carlos Johnson, Lurrie Bell, James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Magic Slim (1937-2013), Ronnie Baker Brooks and Zora Young, among others. Through an ongoing and unprecedented collaboration tracing the evolution of Chicago Blues from its birth in the 1940s to the present day, these artists bear witness to the history, influence and power of this music in its purest form and sustain Chicago Blues as a living tradition.

The previous 2CD sets Chicago Blues: A Living History and Chicago Blues: A Living History The (R)evolution Continues receoved rave reviews and the subsequent tours earned them even more praise. Only the folks at the Grammy® Awards failed to notice the cultural significance and musical prowess of these releases. Third time lucky perhaps?

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