February 11, 2016

Bombay Harambee: Goldmine

Little Rock's Bombay Harambee serve up an album with fuzz-heavy surf garage rock. Goldmine is a collection of fast paced, rumbling rock songs with an outlaw attitude. Authorities get the one-fingered salute or are made fun of. This is a band that is quite fond of of lyrical smartness - try finding other songs about Stringing Sentences or Enjambement, but it makes perfect sense when you are in hurry to explain things.

Rock isn't about fitting in and while tons of classic rock songs are now used to sell cars, mortgages and insurance, this quartet is in it to have a blast and getting the crowd pumping their fists in the air. After the Clintons, Little Rock finally has something to be proud of again. Dust off your air guitar skills and turn it up.

Bombay Harambee:
Ryker Horn: bass
Tyler Nance: drums
Alexander Jones: vocals, guitar
Trent Whitehead: lead guitar

Goldmine will be released on vinyl via Max Recordings. Self-released on CD and digital. Release date: February 19th.

  1. Interval
  2. Bombed the Polygraph
  3. Laughing
  4. Dotted Line
  5. Commotion Notion
  6. Stringing Sentences
  7. Check, Check, Checkmate
  8. Blue Balloon
  9. Enjambement
  10. Broken Hand
  11. Midtown
  12. WZTV Chanel 5

Live dates:
  • 02/19 Little Rock, AK @ White Water Tavern
  • 02/20 Fayetteville, AK @ Smoke and Barrel

» bombayharambee.tumblr.com

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