January 22, 2016

The Claypool Lennon Delirium: Cricket And The Genie

Primus main man and bass player extraordinaire Les Claypool and voracious collaborator/guitarist Sean Lennon have joined forces for an album. They are serving Cricket And The Genie as a taster. Eight minutes psychedelic freak melodic metal giving way to pastoral Pink Floydism and much, much more.

Naming themselves The Claypool Lennon Delirium they recorded an album that will be released later this year on ATO Records. Claypool about how this project came to be:

Sean and I hit it off during our Primus, Dinosaur Jr., GOASTT summer tour. We had a few backstage, acoustic jamborees that I found interesting but when he sat in with us and melted our faces with his guitar during Southbound Pachyderm, I realized that this fella had some chops. Primus was about to take some time off and I was gearing up a new project so I asked Sean if he’d like to come to Rancho Relaxo and see if we couldn’t get some interesting sounds on tape. Next thing I know he’s staying in my guesthouse over the holidays and we’re drinking vino, hunting mushrooms and throwing musical pasta at the walls.

One thing I think folks will be surprised by is what a monster of a guitar player Sean is. Not only does he have technical ability, but also the sounds that come out of his rig tend to be pretty bent and compelling. His DNA definitely shines through, though it isn’t just his father’s musical sensibilities that he reflects but also his mother’s abstract perspective, which to me, makes for a glorious freak stew.

Basically it was like two guys being stuck in a tree fort full of instruments and vintage recording gear, trying to keep up with each other’s musical and lyrical output. It was a very easy and natural record to make and not only have Sean and I become very good friends but he has been embraced by my family like an eccentric, surrogate uncle; sitting at the dinner table nightly debating with my daughter about everything from pop culture to politics. He’s a good egg. I look forward to traveling around in a shiny box with him this summer, playing this music for the folks.

I have to say… It’s pretty cool being in a band with Neil Diamond’s nephew.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium will play at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN on June 11th.

» theclaypoollennondelirium.com

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