January 04, 2016

Sivert Høyem: Lioness

Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem is a household name in his home country. The former lead singer of rock band Madrugada went solo after the band folded in 2009, following the death of the band's guitar player Robert Burås. His latest album Lioness alternates between all out orchestral rock (Sleepwalking Man, Oh!, Spider! and the title track) and trying to be Nick Cave (My Thieving Heart, The Boss Nova Nova) or Ivan Kral (V.O.I.D.).

Høyem is blessed with an impressive set of pipes, allowing him to lean to the grandiose without running out of breath. Lioness is an album of an artist trying to cope with his ghosts from the past. The woman who was the inspiration for the title track has shown him the light at the end of the tunnel,, but he isn't sure that it will last.

Sivert Høyem: vocals, bass, guitar
Christer Knutsen: guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Øystein Franzvåg: bass
Børge Fjordheim: drums

Lioness will be released thru Rough Trade. Release date: January 29.

  1. Sleepwalking Man
  2. Fool To Your Crown
  3. Lioness
  4. It Belongs To Men
  5. My Thieving Heart
  6. V.O.I.D.
  7. The Boss Nova Novan
  8. Oh!, Spider!
  9. The Rivera of Hades
  10. Silences

Live dates:
  • 02/13 Oslo, Norway @ Oslo Spektrum
  • 02/18 Bergen, Norway @ Grieghallen, Griegsalen
  • 02/19 Stavanger, Norway @ Stavanger Konserthus
  • 02/20 Kristiansand, Norway @ Kilden Teater og Konserthus
  • 02/22 Trondheim, Norway @ Olavshallen Store Sal
  • 02/24 Bodø, Norway @ Stormen kulturhus
  • 02/25 Tromso, Norway @ Clarion Hotel The Edge
  • 02/26 Tromso, Norway @ Clarion Hotel The Edge
  • 02/27 Sortland, Norway @ Kulturfabrikken
  • 02/28 Harstad, Norway @ Harstad Kulturhus
  • 03/10 Dresden, Germany @ Beatpol
  • 03/12 Hamburg, Germany @ Uebel & Gefährlich
  • 03/14 Koln, Germany @ Stadtgarten
  • 03/15 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso Noord
  • 03/17 Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique
  • 03/18 Frankfurt, Germany @ Brotfabrik

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