January 27, 2016

Nice Motor: Seminary St. EP

Mixing rock with soul can be tricky, but Chicago quartet Nice Motor pull it off on their debut EP Seminary St., recorded by on s shoestring budget a make-shift home-studio. These guys have been around the Windy City's live scene for quite some time. Formed after Jonny Rumble folded and enlisting a member of Super Happy Fun Club they started trading ideas on acoustics before settling for an early Sixties vibe mixed with some Elbow licks.

Singing about the fairer sex and the trouble it gets them in, Nice Motor are off to take another stab at getting famous. Recommended if you like the Everly Brothers' melancholy and the Ardent Studios production values.

Nice Motor:
Brian Webb: vocals, guitar
Seth Webb: drums
Dave Swick: guitar
Neil Krajenta: bass

Seminary St is a self-released EP. Free download from Soundcloud.

  1. All the Neighbors
  2. Turn To Stone
  3. High Maintenance
  4. Thick In The Head

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