January 18, 2016

Half Japanese: Perfect

Half Japanese is one those seminal acts will never make it big, but whose influence resonates in the output of countless other bands using their blueprint of rambling, out-of-tune garage rock. Founded in 1974 as a duo by brothers Jad and David Fair they set their sights on becoming the ultimate art punk band and over the years no one even came close to that claim. Their 1989 album The Band That Would Be King is a classic.

While brother David stepped down Jad persevered and the latest incarnation came to the fore in 2014 on the Overjoyed album. Rave reviews, poor sales. The new album Perfect will not sale like hot cakes either, but fans of 13th Floor Elevators, Johnny Dowd and Pere Ubu will love it. Demented surf mayhem (Here We Are), stuttering rockabilly (We Cannot Miss) and love songs from Hell (In Your Spell), it's all there in lo-fi, transistor radio sound quality.

Perfect is released thru Joyful Noise. Release date: January 22nd.

  1. That Is That
  2. We Cannot Miss
  3. You And I
  4. Perfect
  5. Hold On
  6. Man Without A Shadow
  7. Here We Are
  8. Listen To Your Heart
  9. We'll Go Far
  10. That's Called Love
  11. In Your Spell
  12. A New Beginning
  13. That's Right

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