December 08, 2015

Matt Epp: Ready In Time

photo: Joey Senft

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Epp has been travelling up down the country for longer than he cares to remember, playing his folk songs and building a fan base through word of mouth. He has made nine albums so far and his latest, Ready In Time will get an European release in January 2016.

Epp pens radio friendly tunes about relationships (Let Her Know) and finding your own way (North Star). Things get more interesting when he lets in a bit of rock, most notably in Something Better and the lead single Ready In Time. Overall, it is a pleasant and straightforward album. Unremarkable mainstream stuff, but it's a nice way to kill half an hour listening to a man telling stories that sound familiar.

Matt Epp: vocals, guitar
Rusty Matyas: guitars, piano, keyboards, trumpet, water glasses, percussion
Joel Couture: bass
Antonio Lomas: drums
Chantel Emond: vocals on "Go Somewhere"
John Paul Peters: violins

Ready In Time is a self-released album.

  1. Aftermath
  2. Let Her Know
  3. Go Somewhere
  4. Something Better
  5. Ready In Time
  6. Hard to Say
  7. Cash and Blood
  8. North Star

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