December 18, 2015

Galapaghost: I Never Arrived

Wandering multi-instrumentalist Casey Chandler went to back to the homes of his friends in Italy to lay down the tracks for his new album I Never Arrived, once again using his stage name Galapaghost. Self-doubt and soul-searching have made their way into his lyrics. Will he ever write a truly great tune? He raises the stakes in Mister Mediocrity by name checking some of his heroes (Kurt Cobain, Paul Simon). His extensive travels to feeling at home. restlessness is the key word when he visits Salt Lake City on the 4th of July, an outsider who can't partake in the festivities without feeling self-conscious after another bad break-up.

Only when he gets angry Chandler can get away from himself. The Greatest Roommate is a funny song about a chubby character who has made it "to the top of my shit list". Ditching the role of an observer Chandler finally takes action and gets even, after the fact, but it's a start. The album's lead single Science Of Lovers with its ambivalent irony, piano-acoustic guitar interplay and lush vocals might be his ticket out of the DIY bracket.

Federico Puttilli: electric guitars, ukulele, egg shaker
Alessio Sanfilippo: drums
Casey Chandler: everything else

I Never Arrived is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Release date: January 5th.

  1. Mazes In The Sky
  2. Science Of Lovers
  3. Salt Lake City
  4. Mister Mediocrity
  5. I Never Arrived
  6. Vitamin D
  7. The Greatest Roommate
  8. The Secrets Our Body Keeps
  9. Somewhere
  10. Bloom
  11. Goodbye (My Visa Arrived)
  12. Our Place


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