December 04, 2015

Deleter: Oblique Seasons

Post-punkers Deleter have broadened their scope on their new album Oblique Seasons, taking cues from Television's Marquee Moon, the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. Darkness and impending doom still reign supreme in the lyrics, but the upbeat back beat offers glimmer of hope. They fell in love with the Roland Juno-106, an Eighties synthesizer with limited possibilities and a rather harsh sound. It does feature portamento, a pitch sliding effect that the Minneapolis quartet put to good use in the title track, and it came with a top notch MIDI implementation.

Oblique Seasons is an aggressive album, a throwback to the heyday of college rock. A bleak and captivating riff-o-rama and the perfect antidote for cheesy muzak that is piped through the mall's soundsystems.

Travis Collins: bass, vocals
Josh McKay: drums, percussion, Juno 106
Jordan Morantez: guitar
Knol Tate: vocals, guitar, melodica, Juno 106

Oblique Seasons is released on Land Ski Records (digital) and 25 Diamonds Label. Release date: December 7th.

  1. Dysphoria (Dictionary Definition)
  2. Seclusion
  3. A Ridiculous Man
  4. Militant Idiot
  5. Macy Shot a Cop
  6. Worst Person in the World
  7. Oblique Seasons
  8. Worry Less
  9. No Culture
  10. Regrets
  11. Lab Rats Revolt
  12. You're Assassinated

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