November 24, 2015

Thee Koukouvaya: This is The Mythology of Modern Death

Earlier this year electronic shoegaze experimentalists Thee Koukouvaya dropped the lengthy Witches' Jelly, a bold statement that caused some stirs in ambient circles.

John O'Hara and Brian Wenckebach keep it more succinct in their debut album This is The Mythology of Modern Death, a throwback to the early days of house with geographical references and means of navigation as the glue between the tracks - 40.207958, -74.041691 happen to be the coordinates of a hospital in Neptune City, NJ, and A Life In A Portolan Chart refers to a type of map that was invented in Italy in the 13th Century. All nerding aside the duo has come up with a stack of slow moving, meandering dance tracks that can stand on their own. Recommended if you like Eno and Kraftwerk.

This is The Mythology of Modern Death is released thru Saint Marie Records.

  1. The Magnetic State
  2. Anacaona
  3. Chicago Warehouse Party, 1995
  4. Drunk Machine
  5. 40.207958, -74.041691
  6. Phantoms In The Last Age
  7. Prismatic Sun
  8. A Life In A Portolan Chart

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HCTF review of Witches' Jelly.

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