November 11, 2015

NNENN: Snapshots of Eternity

photo: Menno van der Meulen

Dutch duo NNENN released the memorable EP All Right earlier this year, a business card for their mix of melodic pop and dance, wrapped in triphop. Singer-songwriter Johanneke ter Stege and producer/sound designer Tonny Nobel turn it up a notch on their first full-length Snapshots of Eternity, an album that celebrates their (musical) relation.

The songs are so intimate that a listener might feel like a voyeur. Ter Steege's impressive range is a match for the meandering music - the flow is interrupted with plenty of well placed rapids and an occasional undertow. NNENN have gone in at the deep end and found the inspiration for a wealth of poetic lyrics. They transformed it into soft-spoken, dreamlike songs. Fingers crossed that the audiences at their live shows will have the decency to shut up. The delicate fabric of their compositions deserves undivided attention.

Snapshots of Eternity is released thru ONusual Records and Coast to Coast. Buy it from their website. The CD comes with thirteen postcards, one each for each song. Release date: November 13th.

  1. Follow Me
  2. Exhibit All
  3. Call It Off
  4. You And I
  5. Give It A Shot
  6. All Right
  7. Don't Feel Guilty, Love
  8. I'm Going Under
  9. Moving Forward
  10. Don't Drink The Ink
  11. Ice Cream Cubes
  12. Smapshots of Eternity
  13. We're Sailing

Live dates:
  • 11/13 Deventer @ Kunstenlab (album release party - the show will be recorded and cut to vinyl on the spot on Jeroen Diepenmaat's rare vinyl recorder)
  • 11/22 Zwolle @ Hedon
  • 11/28 Nijmegen @ Doornroosje (Wintertuin Festival)
  • 12/09 Zwolle @ Zwolse Theaters (Het Wilde Oosten)
  • 12/20 Deventer @ IJssel stroomt over - Showcase festival
  • 01/10 Apeldoorn @ Gigant


HCTF review of All Right.

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