November 22, 2015

Eszter Balint: Airless Midnight

photo: Eric Schneider

Singer, multi-instrumentalist and sometimes actress Eszter Balint got the rare honor of having three of NYC's adventurous guitarists contributing to her new album Airless Midnight: Chris Cochrane (John Zorn) Dave Schramm (The Schramms, Yo La Tengo) and Marc Ribot. You have to be an original to get just one of them drop by the studio and Balint has talent in spades. She is a blues folkie who doesn't mind messing with time signatures and cutting her teeth on the avant-garde and jazz. Her voice is a mix of Chrissie Hynde spiked with a bit of PJ Harvey cool, especially in the noise rocker Let's Tonight It.

Balint's main instrument is the violin, using it for counter-melodies, an extra means of percussion and quite a lot of glissandi. Most drummers would give up trying to follow her changes, but Brian Wilson is used to playing with Johnny Dowd and never misses a beat. Airless Midnight is a musician's album, but it accessible enough for Americana lovers who can handle an out-of-the-box approach.

Eszter Balint: vocals, guitar, violin, melodica, mandolin, random sounds
Chris Cochrane: guitar
Dave Schramm: guitar
Marc Ribot: guitar
Brian Wilson: drums
JD Foster: bass
Sam Phillips: vocal harmonies

Airless Midnight is a self-released album. Buy it from iTunes.

  1. The Mother
  2. Let's Tonight It
  3. Departure Song
  4. Calls At 3am
  5. Long Gone (This Is War)
  6. All You Need
  7. Trouble You Don't See
  8. Exit At 63
  9. Silence (After The Phonecall)
  10. Lullaby For Tonight Lullaby For No One

Live date:
  • 12/11 Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room
    (w/ Church of Betty and special guest Carol Lipnik - MC: STEW)


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