November 08, 2015

Cat Daiquiri: Cat Daiquiri EP

Chicago indie trio Cat Daiquiri named themselves after a drink in a tiki bar, where the members discussed their ideas to start a new band. They had been in various bands over the years and were looking for a new outlet.

Sarah Sterling (Videotape, Astrobrite, In Miniature, Nervous Cloud), Steve Rajewski (Canada, Little Midnight) and Graham Bauerle (Carbon Dioxide) share a love for Nineties melodic college rock - think Big Star meeting The Replacements. Their self-tiled EP is filled with three gentle songs that are actually quite tough, like a sweet drink spiked with lots of booze.

Cat Daiquiri:
Graham Bauerle: bass
Steve Rajewski: guitar, vocals, keys
Sarah Sterling: drums, vocals, keys

The Cat Daiquiri EP is self-released. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

  1. Ghosts #9
  2. Might Do
  3. Be Brave

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