October 16, 2015

This Leo Sunrise: Do Not Always See

Dutch psych-folkies This Leo Sunrise are all about creating moods and telling dark, compelling stories. Their fifth album Do Not Always See is an intense, soul searching journey, visiting fear, loathing and self doubt. This is sparse, slow moving music with an occasional howl of a guitar and the sad tone of a viola or violin (never mind that they are played pizzicato style every now and then).

There is also room for a bit of hope (Perfect Sky), but lead singer's Jacco van Elst heavy handed delivery makes sure that it won't last in the end. Can handle a cross between Dead Can Dance, The Cure and 16 Horsepower? Do Not Always See points at things that are depressing and scary, but very real.

This Leo Sunrise:
Jacco van Elst: vocals, guitar
Leo Meijer: bass
Chris Müller: drums
Violet Meerdink: violin
Serpentine: guitar

Do Not Always See will be released on Tiny Room Records. Release date: November 10th.

  1. Adam
  2. Shards of Glass
  3. Deck of Cards
  4. Macrocosmopolitans
  5. Perfect Sky
  6. Half Light

Live dates:

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