October 23, 2015

Miner: Better Instincts

LA quartet Miner blend dream pop, folk and three-part harmonies on their new single Better Instincts. Lead singer's Justin Miner slightly nasal delivery adds a bit of street cred to their smooth sound. That's not Darth Maul in the background of the video - it's just another side of the singer's personality as part of the "you can run, but you can't hide" theme of the song. The clip was directed by Justin Krook.

Better Instincts is the lead single from their upcoming new album Tuanaki, named after an island in the South Pacific discovered by sailors in 1842. It vanished into the sea shortly thereafter.

Justin Miner: vocals, guitar
Kate Miner: vocals, keys, mandolin, harmonica
Jeremy Miner: vocals, lead guitar, banjo
Tobias Urbanczyk: drums & percussion

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