October 14, 2015

Gregory Uhlmann: It's Not Your Fault

LA based guitarist, improviser, composer, and songwriter Gregory Uhlmann made a name for himself as a creator of orignal chamber music and recently came to the fore as a member of Fell Runner, an art rock band with a soft sport for African rhythms.

His single It's Not Your Fault is his first outing as a solo artist. It starts out as a basic singer-songwriter ditty and evolves slowly into a multi-layered pop extravaganza. RIYL Jordan Galland and Eric Margan & The Red Lions.

The track was produced by Fell Runner drummer Tim Carr.

Gregory Uhlmann: guitar, bass, voice
Cari Stevens: voice
Lauren Baba: viola and violin
Andrew Conrad: bass clarinet
Tim Carr: percussion, drums, and voice

» gregoryuhlmannmusic.com

HCTF review of Fell Runner.

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