September 28, 2015

Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure: Fun Size

A couple of months ago Chicago indie rockers Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure released It's Amazing, a pretty good single about drag queens, but the other tracks on their Fun Size are a bit of a disappointment, sounding rather flat. That's a shame because a song like Destroy You Whole with the bold opening stanza "Every time you call me up//You say, “Hey, do you wanna fuck?”//And after I say yes you let me talk to you" deserves a boisterous treatment.

They Might Be Giants are listed as a major influence, and lyrically they come close albeit in an "adults only" way. They smile when they are serious — the trademark for a band flying the comedy flag. A bigger act should offer them a shitload of money for permission to cover own of their songs. The proceeds could be used as an investment for the next release.

Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure:
Homer Marrs: guitar, vocals
Cody Reynolds: keys, vocals
Hassan Ali: lead guitar
Nick Naro: bass
Matthew Frantz: drums

Fun Size is a self-released EP. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

  1. It's Amazing
  2. Candy & Demonology
  3. Destroy You Whole
  4. We're Wild
  5. Smile, You Have Depression

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