August 12, 2015

The Foreign Films: stream "Side 3" from new double album "The Record Collector"

Bill Majoros of Hamilton one-man band The Foreign Films has put up Side 3 of his work-in-progress project, the double album The Record Collector, after kicking things off with Side 2 last year. Once again aided by Kori Pop he has build carefully constructed pocket pop symphonies, a mix of The Beautiful South and the Beach Boys, with some glam rock licks thrown in.

Majoros is firing on all cylinders during Empire Of The Night and goes pastoral Girl By The River (imagine Tame Impala trying to channel Nick Drake). It is only fitting that he saved the most ambitious track to end Side 3. Co-written with Pop, who sings lead, the country-rocker A Foolish Symphony (Wait) with its lush strings, a snippet of horns and slide guitar is a tough song to follow. That will be revealed when Side 4 sees the light of day, but Majoros might decide to unveil Side 1 first.

The Record Collector will eventually be released a double vinyl album. Buy (pay-what-you want) Side 3 from his website.

  1. Northern Love Song
  2. Stars In Her Eyes
  3. Empire Of The Night
  4. Girl By The River
  5. The DeLuxe
  6. A Foolish Symphony (Wait)


HCTF review of Side 2.


  1. Dank je wel, Hans. Ik heb de arrangementen op side 3 gedaan. :)

  2. Doe je ze ook voor de andere sides?

    1. Ik ben bezig met side 4 :) Een paar echte verrassingen!

  3. Ben benieuwd. Is er al een release datum?

  4. Nee, niet exact. Bill denkt nog dit jaar, als alles op tijd klaar komt.
    We zitten in een creatieve piek, dan is het moeilijk te overzien.