August 30, 2015

Brian May: The 1983 "Star Licks" tutorial video

Watch Brian May explaining some of his techniques for Star Licks video series. The video was recorded at Sarm West, London, UK and produced and directed by Mark Freed and Robert Decker. Originally released in 1983 and reissued in 1993/4, it's been out of print since then. Brian May:

Mark initially came to me with an idea for making audio cassettes of guitarists explaining their techniques. It seemed a good one and we arranged to meet and make it happen. But I said ... if we’re going to the trouble of recording this stuff, why not film it as well, and make it into a Video Cassette ?! So we made a ‘pilot’ video, and people liked it, and this became the template for a whole collection of videos which, I think, stand up very well to this day.


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