July 26, 2015

John Cale: interview in the Brisbane Times

John Cale discusses his new piece Signal to Noise in an interview with the Brisbane Times:

There's a kind of arc to the piece. There will be some visuals and I want to use combinations of Lisa [Germano]'s voice with horns and I want to use Laurel Halo with strings and various combinations of that.

It's kind of a tapestry that you're looking at. You're going to see different sides of the [old] songs that are there, and there will be new arrangements and some new material.

Also, mistakes can be useful:

I do believe in magic. I don't believe in luck. I believe in knowing what you're doing, but mistakes are really a valuable commodity in somebody's life; in a creative life ... especially if you're into improvisation, which I really am.

The world premiere of Signal to Noise happens on the closing night of Supersense at the Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia on August 9th.

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