July 13, 2015

Fine Points: Hover

Psych duo Fine Points, a side project from San Francisco band Sleepy Sun members Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss, go back to the vintage West Coast sound on their debut album Hover. Jangling surf guitars come first, with reverb heavy vocals riding shotgun.

This is a Summer album filled with infectious, totally at ease melodies. It is a throwback to the dawn of psychedelic pop when bands mostly sang about love and bright colours, while hoping for a better future. The duo's vocals blend together seamlessly, floating above the fuzz drenched soundscapes. The Hover album isn't just a bunch of songs, but the calling card of a full-fledged project that could evolve into an extra outlet for their creativity.

Hover is released on Dine Alone Records. Release date: July 17th.


  1. Astral Season
  2. Just Like That
  3. The Painted Fox
  4. Amalia
  5. Future Hands
  6. These Days
  7. In Lavender

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