July 10, 2015

Cassette Store Day 2015: October 17th

Remember cassettes? They never went away. In fact, the medium is still pretty big in South Korea and India. Indie bands have discovered the cheap format to distribute their music. To celebrate the third edition of Cassette Store Day happens on October 17th:

Applications to be a part of Cassette Store Day will open for events, shops, and labels on July 11th and close on September 1st. It will be free to list your store or event, with a small admin fee of £5 (or relative amount outside the UK) for labels looking to list an official release.

This year labels will also be able to sell their releases online on Cassette Store Day instead of having to wait a week after. Jen Long explained, “While we still want as many stores as possible involved, we felt there was too much burden on understaffed shops to order from the release list and smaller labels were being left out. We also felt that fans in more remote areas were excluded from the celebrations if they didn’t have a store in their area. Hopefully this way we can include everyone for the best Cassette Store Day yet.

» cassettestoreday.com

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