June 08, 2015

Zombie Garden Club: Zombie Garden Club

BEST OF 2015

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Johnny Douglas loves garage rock fuzztones. They are all over his debut album under the moniker of Zombie Garden Club, fourteen rambling originals that could have been released as seven as double A-side singles. Currently based in Nashville, TN, he will be far too loud for the country crowd, but rockers of all ages will welcome him with their arms wide open.

Douglas has a knack for coming up with fresh hooks that sound familiar before the song is over. Singing about girls, cars, having the blues and craving for karma may be not very original, but it makes killer jukebox material. He is a gear head using vintage amps and keyboards that are a bitch to maintain, but emanating a warm sound that all the programming geeks in Silicon Valley haven't been able to replicate in a convincing manner.

Zombie Garden Club will be released on June 15th via Bongo Boy Records.

  1. call it love
  2. judgement blues
  3. one step, two steps, three steps gone
  4. fuzzface
  5. boom
  6. evil baby
  7. hey little school girl
  8. gloryland
  9. ache of love
  10. diamond daze
  11. burn
  12. karma
  13. calling andromeda
  14. mercy man

Live dates:
  • 06/27 Aiken, SC @ The Thoroughbred Music and Arts Festival

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