June 26, 2015

You Can't Live on Love Alone: Songs for the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma

Benefit albums are by definition of grab bag of outtakes, demos and live recordings. Artists are asked to contribute something for a worthy cause and they make the trip to the attic to rifle through their stack of previously unreleased stuff. Pigeon O'Brien, a music industry vet, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in March 2014, and calls were made to put together You Can't Live on Love Alone to cover the costs of treatment and raise awareness about this nasty type of cancer.

There are a few nuggets in this collection: Nat Osborn contributed a snarling take of Little to the Left, the Blue Sky Riders add swagger with their live version of Dream and the Don Rosler and Jay Ward rarity Do What You Gotta Do contains refreshingly "parental advisory" lyrics.

There is a reason why most of the tracks were left on the shelf until now. Most of the demos will only appreciated by fans of that particular artist. However, there is no excuse for including covers of Starship's We Built This City and Journey's Any Way You Want It. A polished turd is still a turd.

  1. Brandon Schott - Let Me Be Your Witness (live)
  2. Don Dixon - Swallowing Pride (demo)
  3. Nat Osborn - Little to the Left (acoustic)
  4. Donnie Iris & the Cruisers - No Rest for the Wicked
  5. Jason Myles Goss - Home (demo)
  6. Jay Nash - Blame It All on the Wind (live acoustic)
  7. Roscoe Born - I Take It on Faith
  8. Don Rosler and Jay Ward - Do What You Gotta Do
  9. Jim Peterik - Vehicle (acoustic)
  10. Blue Sky Riders - Dream (Live at the Rutledge)
  11. Scout - Any Way You Want
  12. Patti Rothberg - Cut and Dry
  13. Emily Hurd - Good Will
  14. Justin Currie - You Can't Live on Love Alone (demo)
  15. Julian Velard and Bleu - Rock Paper Scissors (demo)
  16. Jules Shear - Do You Wrong (demo)
  17. Steve Poltz - Conversations with the Moon (live acoustic)
  18. Joshua Jesty - We Built This City

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