June 18, 2015

Guitar World lists "The Top 10 Reasons to Quit Playing Guitar"

Guitar World lists The Top 10 Reasons to Quit Playing Guitar. First off playing it for the wrong (or at least: misguided) reasons:

10. Guitar Lingo Cramps Your Game: Convinced that strapping on a guitar is akin to bathing in Spanish fly, you get the idea that mentioning you are a guitarist is a tremendous pick-up line. See how her interest wanes as you wax eloquently about the Spanish Phrygian scale, the scale of love. Keep this up and you will spend the rest of your life alone.

Don't use it as a therapy to get rid of your inner demons. Your audience will hate you:

05. Because You’re Bumming Us Out: Hey, guitar is great therapy. No doubt about it. But keep in mind that personal sessions are subject to instrument-patient confidentiality. Setting your personality disorder to Am–C–G–D and inflicting the depressing results on a captive audience is not only embarrassing—it’s downright cruel. Either refine your craft or invest in a sense of humor.

Other vices include being a hoarder, a fanatic or thinking to you will get rich.

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